Being part of the Central Valley, we participate in helping our community. We believe in offering our quilting gifts to those in need. We donate quilts, backpacks, baby outfits and other requested items from nonprofits in the Central Valley.


Comfort quilts are exactly what they sound like. They give comfort to those who need it. Some may go to keep wheelchair patients warm in hospitals or hospices, others may ride around in a plastic bag in a police officer’s trunk until needed to comfort a child in crisis. There are many different needs, and all appreciate every item bestowed on their organization.

Recipients of Comfort Quilts have included: patients at dialysis centers and healthcare facilities, residents of the Marjaree Mason Shelter Program, military veterans, foster children or those removed from their homes on an emergency basis, children of Kaiser oncology patients, adoptive families, disaster victims, Fresno Police Chaplains, and Make-A-Wish Foundation.


Guild members make duffle bags and accessory bags for foster kids. This allows the
children to transport their personal belongings with more dignity (they often only use
plastic garbage bags) when being relocated.


Quilts of Valor program honors our local veterans presenting them a hand made quilt by guild members. It’s the guild way to show appreciation and thank all those who served in the military.