Becoming an active member of any organization is vital to gaining the most out of the experience. Below are the SJVQG Committees description. Below is a list of the Committees with a brief description of duties:


Greeters are exactly that, they greet members and visitors at the monthly guild meeting. The greeters have sign-in sheets and a smile to welcome all. If a new member is attending for the first time, ask a Board or other member to take the new member around and explain the table set up and introduce them around. They also coordinate fun membership activities three to four times a year correlating with a holiday.


The BOM Committee provides a featured block each month to the members. The committee choses a variety of techniques for the BOM. A photo of a sample block with directions and any other relevant information is sent out to members electronically (e-blast) each month by the
President. The committee members can choose any technique they wish, and either donated or purchased fabric can be used. The co-chairs usually use fabric from their stash or visit the guild stash. However, if expenses are incurred, they are reimbursed by the Guild. At the guild meeting a drawing is held from the names of members who completed and submitted a BOM. The winner is given a prize to be determined by the BOM Committee. The BOM’s turned in are made
into comfort quilts to be donated. Board meeting attendance is voluntary, but going is a fun way to meet other board members and get an inside view of how we work as a Guild. The Chair is responsible for supplying the winner’s name to the Newsletter Editor so it can be announced in the monthly newsletter.


The Book and Fabric Committee is given a budget to purchase fabric, books or quilt related items for the monthly raffle.  They may also accept donations from local fabric stores in exchange for acknowledgement at the meeting and in the newsletter.   The Committee sets up the raffle prizes at the beginning of each guild meeting and sells tickets. Tickets are a fundraiser for the guild and are drawn during the meeting. The Chair of the Committee is responsible for all paperwork and record tracking for accounting purposes.  The Chair is also responsible for providing the Newsletter Chair with the names of the winners for the monthly newsletter article.


Comfort Quilts Committee collects and coordinates quilt donations that are distributed to local nonprofits. In addition to comfort quilts in sizes from wheelchair lap robes to bunk quilts, guild members make and donate pillow cases, book totes, duffle bags and toiletry bags for the Kases For Kids program which supports foster children. All these items can be made from the guild fabric stash. The guild has a “fabric stash” given to the Committee by members as well as by people in the community who have fabric they no longer need.

Any guild member can participate in the Comfort Quilt effort by making quilts or other items independently or by collaborating with others. For example, some members make block collections, others may assemble tops or quilt backs, other members do long-arm quilting at no charge, and others are happy to apply binding to finish off what others have started. Another way to participate is to assist with sorting and organizing the fabric in the stash as new donations are received, or by making up kits of stash fabric for others to use in creating quilt tops/backs. Kits are made available in the stash room at all times and are also brought to guild meetings for the convenience of members who may find it difficult to visit the stash.

New members are encouraged to come see the stash for themselves, to “shop the stash” whenever they would like to create a quilt or other item for donation, and to join the Comfort Quilt team if they would like to spend time up to their elbows in fabric, creating order from chaos.


The Hospitality Committee is in charge of setting up treats the members bring to the monthly meetings. All of the guilds kitchen supplies are stored at the meeting location and then placed out for members. They are also in charge of a drinking station with coffee, tea, and water for the members.


The guild has an informal library that is accessible at every month’s meeting. The guild provides members a table in the back of the meeting room in which members can drop off books and magazines. Magazines are sold for .25 each or 5 for $1.00. Books are sold for $1.00 each. The guild stores them in the cabinet the hospitality volunteers use at the end of each meeting. The Committee then puts all the materials out on the table at the start of the meeting and put them away at the close of the meeting each month. The Committee then puts all the materials out on the table at the start of  meeting and put them away at the close of the meeting each month. Excess magazines and books are put in recycle or dropped off at a donation center. Money collected each month is tallied and given to the Treasurer at the end of each meeting.


The Membership Chair is responsible for maintaining the member database which includes adding new members, updating addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. They also prepare the Membership Directory, Addendum and Membership Cards. At the monthly meeting, the Chair sets up the membership tables with brochures, business cards, newsletters and quilt show advertisements. They also collect membership dues, put out the visitor sign-in book and collect the visitor fee. New member packets are handed out to new members and the membership cards and directories are distributed to members who paid the previous month. After the monthly meeting, the Chair prepares the deposit for money collected at the meeting to be turned in to the treasurer at the following board meeting. The article for the next month’s newsletter is written (including birthdays) and the article e-mailed to the Newsletter Editor by the 20th of the month. Create and print or e-mail sign in sheets for the next meeting to the greeter.


The guild newsletter editor produces a monthly newsletter from articles submitted by Board, Committee and other guild members. Once the newsletter is completed, it is submitted via email to the president for her review and approval. Once approved the newsletter is submitted to the webmaster for posting on the guild website. The editor may also receive advertisements for the newsletter. If any payment is received those payments are submitted to the treasurer. The newsletter editor interacts with Board and Committee members including members in charge of Membership, Webmaster as well as advertisers.


The Opportunity quilt sales committee has the fun job of selling raffle tickets for the guild’s Opportunity Quilt! Each year, guild members contribute in making an opportunity quilt for the guild to raffle off to raise funds for the guilds programs and nonprofit donations. Our major ticket sales event is a booth at the Fresno Fair. The Chair of the committee coordinates with the Fair manager and sets up the booth and is responsible for scheduling volunteers for the fair shifts. The Chair also coordinates any other events members feel are good exposure. The opportunity quilt chair is responsible for keeping the opportunity quilt, quilt stand, the raffle box with tumbler, raffle tickets and a rolling cart. You store these things to be available for events throughout the year.


The Presidents Quilt Committee meets to discuss and choose a quilt design for the outgoing guild president. The Committee meets with the president elect and asks a few questions about what type of quilts they like, favorite colors, fabrics, interests, etc. The quilt pattern is chosen and fabric, which is then packaged into several blocks, are given to guild members to sew. A list of all members’ names who contribute a block for the quilt is added to the back of the president’s quilt. The quilt is presented to the president at the end of their term during a guild meeting.


The Programs Committee has the exciting task of coming up with program ideas for the guilds’ monthly meetings. This Committee contacts speakers from across the country, select workshops and other networking events thorough the year for the guild. Some of the duties required are coordinating with the speaker their topic, workshop, book hotel, and escort them from the airport. Some Committee members like to host the speaker and show them how much the Valley has to offer. Other duties entail coordinating networking programs for the members and working with other Committee members on any events’ they have planned for the guild. This Committee allows you to be creative, share new ideas and meet members.


The Quilt Challenge Committee chooses a quilt challenge for the guild every year. The Committee sets the rules, categories, guidelines for the challenge. They work with the Programs Chair to coordinate a guild meeting to have the challenge. All members bring their quilts and are judged by the membership. Prizes are awarded for each category.


The Quilt Retreat Committee are tasked with scheduling dates and location to set up sewing retreats. The Committee finds locations that can handle all the sewing requirements like tables, chairs, electrical, lighting, fun prizes, activities and sewing supplies to provide retreat participants. The information is provided to guild members and others that would like to attend. The Chair is responsible for all coordination and record keeping of expenses.


The Quilts of Valor (QOV) Committee has the honor of presenting quilts to our local veterans. A form requesting recipients of QOV is given to the guild membership requesting veterans they would like to receive QOV’s. The form is filled out by the veteran or the person suggesting the recipient. The Committee is in charge of organizing the Master of Ceremonies for the veterans which is typically held at the October guild meeting. The duties required are putting together and printing a program for the evening presentation, auditorium set up with the custodian, and invite the recipients, as well as their guests, to attend the ceremony. To make the program special, members are requested to bring extra refreshments for the guests.


The guilds Sunshine Member has a special roll within the guild. This person is responsible for sending cards to members who are going through a tough time. Some members may experience losing a family member, having surgery, or having a tough time in life. When the sunshine guild member is notified about the situation, a card is sent to remind that member they are not forgotten and a part of the quilting family.


The SJVQG trip coordinator plans and arranges trips for the guild. Trips are coordinated to Road to California quilt show in Ontario, CA which is usually the third weekend in January. This event is an overnight trip with multiple day passes and has been coordinated in odd years. Another fun trip is the Sisters (Oregon) Outdoor Quilt Show and Shop Hop which is an 8 day trip including stops at quilt shops in Oregon and California. The show is always the second weekend in July and has been done on even years. We have also included a day trip to Quilts in the Garden in Livermore. The trip coordinator finds fun ways to engage members and learn about quilting in other cities.


The Studio Tour Committee coordinates tours to guild members sewing rooms. A fun all day “room hop” takes place along with local fabric stores. It’s a great way to get to know other members and take a sneak peak of other sewing rooms for inspiration.


The Webmaster is in charge of all website maintenance, updates and communications for the guild. This person is also in charge of the guilds’ social media accounts, taking and posting pictures during each months program and keeping members informed of upcoming events.